Sattamatka : A New Face of Fortune

Fortune is like an invisible friend of ours who always keeps on talking and motivating us to do best in our lives. But we are not able to see it. The good fortune keeps on waiting for us at several stages of life in distinct forms. If we talk about the luck life, people are trying to bring fortune to their homes with the help of luck games such as lottery and gambling. Gambling is a sort of guessing game that makes the individuals to make a few guesses and predictions to win the game. The player has to make several assumptions in the game to make sure his guess and the wining result are same. It is an interesting game that includes the understanding the consideration for the style of game. Once the individual player is able to get along with the flow of the game, he is asked to make his preferable choices as his predictions in the game. His assumptions for the number will help him to stay in the game. The end game is decided with the revolving numbers and the winner is supposed to be awarded with a prize. The prize could be an amount of cash or could be any materialistic thing, introduced to the players, prior the commencement of the game.


The fun and interest of the game remains the same throughout as it is always a feeling of mixed emotions of anxiety and thrill to make predictions and then wait for the results of the game. There is a high probability rate of winning the game among the players who are aware of the trends and rules of the game. Among other gambling games present in the market, Matka game is one of the most admired games from the players. Unlike other gambling games such as lottery, horse race etc., people have to wait for a longer time for the results of the game. In Matka game, players can easily get updated about the results through the result portal of the game. This helps in creating a feeling of enthusiasm among the players in the game.

Before the introduction of internet in our lives, people used to play the roll of dice games, spin of roulette wheel as a part of gambling games. These games were a regime of recreational and refreshment activities among the society. The people use to take out time from their working schedules and keep themselves entertained with the game. With the rapid change in times, people have started to try the new way of playing the gambling game. Sattamatka is one of the most favorite games among the players. There are many known benefits of the game. They are listed as under:

  1. Easy to play: The player has to follow a little list of rules and regulations in the game and he can easily take part in it.

  2. Easy to access: With the internet access, one can enjoy the game from any location. All you have to do is to make your internet working so that the website could be easily accessible. You can sit at your place and keep your game on through registration.

  3. Reliable: Another salient feature of the game is that it is one of the most reliable sorts of gambling game, currently available in the market.

So, next time when you plan to check your lucky stars, all you have to do is to get registered with Matka Jodi and experience the fun in thrill. The straight forward process of knowing the game is to learn how to play with the numbers. This game kept revolving on the rates of opening and closing of the rates of cotton as issued by the New York Cotton Exchange. These rates were given to Bombay Cotton Exchange through the tele printers. As soon as these numbers were issued, the results for the game were introduced among the players. This game has its roots prior to independence. Earlier it was known with the name of “Ankada Jugar” that resembles the gambling figures. With time, the game was given many fresh faces. One common among them is the playing the game with earthen pot. There were few slips that were kept inside the Matka and the people were asked to pick up the lucky numbers through the slips. The person who finds the winning number on the slip was declared as the winner. The technology had made it possible to replace this earthen matka with the digital matka. The sattamatka game originated in 1962 and was discovered by Kalyanji Bhagat. The kalyan Matka was a new game introduced by him and the game was active for all days in a week. This makes it convenient to the players to choose the day by their own preference. Moreover, it helps them to increase the frequency of playing the game. This increase in frequency and tendency to take part through any remote location turns out to be a great turning point for the fate of the game.

It became one of the most popular and talked about game in the late 90s. Since then, the craze of the game is still getting increased day by day. More and more enthusiastic and dynamic players are getting connected and are trying their luck with us. Matka Jodi is the only available online portal in the market that allows playing the game with ease. Our experts in the team make it sure that the players in the game get the maximum chance to win. The guesses provided by our team are the most reliable and are quick enough.

If you have a risk of getting failure in the game, the only thing that can help you to win is to play. Give yourself a chance to play, winning is the secondary. First you should be sure about the game. At Matka Jodi, we try to bring that assurance in your minds.

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