Some Common Mistakes People Do While Selecting Their Lucky Number

The game of satta matka is all based upon numbers. A lot of people are aware about this, however a lot of them commit some mistakes while involving themselves in this game of luck. When the tickets are purchased there are some common mistakes done for selecting the numbers. The common reason for this is that people think about it in a similar pattern i.e. they select the number selected by most of the people and is similar which is not very helpful in succeeding most of the lottery games.


Here are some of the common mistakes that are committed by people while playing this game of numbers called satta matka:

  1. Considering your birth date as a lucky one and using it as a lottery number

It so happens that when we play any form of lottery games like satta king, kalyan matka or any other, people have a tendency of using their birth date, anniversary date, festival dates or any other date which holds a lot of importance for them. It has a very simple logic behind it, people have a feeling that these are their lucky numbers and they tend to apply it all the places. But it is proved that these numbers cannot be lucky all the time. It so happens that we select these lucky dates and we can select numbers ranging from 0-31 only; whereas the lottery tickets provide us with upto 46 numbers. Hence, people tend out to miss out on a whole lot of combination of numbers which can be a winning one for them. If you keep on following this trend we will face a lot of competition as the set of number we select will face the maximum competition.

  1. Typical sequence of numbers should be avoided

Another common mistake committed by people is that of using numbers following a particular sequence. Take an example where people may follow a sequence of multiples of 3. The lottery ticket will have numbers like 3,6,9,12 and it may go on. This too can be one of the most common combinations.

  1. Winning numbers should be avoided

As it is called a game of numbers, it is sheer luck on what number comes out. People have a general practice of selecting the numbers that have been a winner in the past. The recent past number should not be selected as there are less rather no chances of the same number winning again. The winning numbers are selected randomly, so any new numbers picked by you will have superior chances of winning the game.

So, play this game without much planning and strategizing you never your luck might change. To know more connect with MatkaJodi.

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