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03-06-2019 Se 08-06-2019

1 => 12-13-14-15

2 => 25-24-27-23

3 => 35-36-30-37

4 => 43-42-41-45

5 => 54-56-57-52

6 => 65-69-67-68

7 => 71-78-72-74

8 => 87-89-84-85

9 => 98-95-96-93

0 => 07-02-03-09

The show must go on! This beautiful line has a wonderful meaning with it. No matter how it comes to you, one should keep moving. Life never stops for someone, so as the good fortune. If you have not tasted the fruit of luck, until now, then also the hunt to have that fruit on your table should go on. One should always dare to dream high in his life and should work upon achieving the same. If you ever dreamt of being a winner of the game you are playing, you are half way already done. The Matka game, online guessing of lucky numbers, is also one of the most talked about game. The game has already made thousands of its followers. People are showing keen interest in playing the game. For the new joiners, we are trying to bring the basic information about the time table of the game through this article.

The market for Vidarbha, starts at 3.00 pm and ends at 5.00 pm. The online journey of Parel day market and Day lucky star starts at 3.05pm, 3.20 pm respectively and it ends at 6.05 pm and 6.20 pm sharp. The opening time for Kalyan, Parel Night, Night lucky star and Mumbai is 4.05 pm, 8.30 pm, 9.15 pm and 9.35 pm. The market closes at 6.05 pm, 10.30 pm, 11.15 pm and 12.10 am respectively. It is very important to follow the accurate timings of each section, so that you can enjoy the game with ease. Winning is another thing. One should follow the rules so that he could adhere in the game for a long time.