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Welcome To Indian Matka Where You Can Enjoy Playing Matka Game With Offerings Innovative And Most Amazing Matka tips, Ideas, Guess, And Suggestions For Panel Chart Pana Chart Patti Chart India’s One Of The Leading Satta Matka Website, Displaying Free Panel Chart Pana Chart Patti Chart For World Tops Kalyan Satta Matka And Ratan Khatri Main Mumbai Satta Matka Game, We Give Full Assurance To All Users About Our Lucky Number Guessing That They Will Never Get Any Loss Or Either Wrong Matka Result India Satta Matka Is The Trusted Website Where We Provide Accurate Panel Chart Pana Chart Patti Chart In Kalyan Matka, Main Mumbai Matka Milan Day Milan Night Matka, You Can Always Find Matka Number Which Is Provided From Our Guessing Tips, Which Always Becomes The Lucky Number For The Players. Users Are Happy To Find Hot Guess For Everyday There Are Many Users Who Call Us Satta King Because We Give Fix And Final Numbers, Our main Concern Is Customers Or Clients Will Win In Matka game With Help Of Our Matka Guessing Numbers.

24-07-2017 Se 29-07-2017

1 => 245-(137)-(579)-470-489

2 => 390-589-778-237-336

3 => 157-247-689-139-(580)

4 => 167-347-257-266-248

5 => 258-140-230-357-249

6 => 330-367-169-358-349

7 => 269-359-250-467-179

8 => 189-134-279-378-459

9 => 568-126-289-469-270

0 => 578-389-136-127-235

Treat yourself with the gift of numbers every week. We at, Matka Jodi try to bring weekly luck at your doorstep. We are back with the bang and this time we are ready to rock on your day with the weekly results of Matka Jodi. The game is all about making a correct guess. It is an easy accessible game for people near or far as it is available online. The online platform gives chance to people to get connected through various places. The features of the game are same as it could be for any online guessing game, available in the market. The weekly Patti Chart makes it possible to showcase and reflect the results at a regular basis. The results are broadcasted at Dailymatka.com website. The weekly chart allows the players to stay connected with the game.

For the over thrilled people, associated with the guessing game, it serves as a medium to make them aware of the trend of the game. Moreover, these charts also help in keeping the previous track record of the game. They are kept in the most maintained form through these charts. It can work as a throwback to know the previous lucky numbers of the game and can give a thorough idea of the nature of the game. It helps in making the prediction an easy gateway for those who are recently connected to us. The previous declared results could be easily maintained and can be seen by the people. The tracing and ongoing track became easier through the recent updates that are being posted at weekly Patti chart. So, people what are you waiting for? Stay connected, stay happy with Matka Jodi!!
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Free An Fix Satta Matka Lifetime Chart Date By Date For Kalyan Matka, Milan Matka, To Main Mumbai Matka Game. Follow this single numbers below date wise and stop where the number gets pass लाइफ टाइम लॉस कवर गोल्डन चार्ट सभी सट्टा मटका बाज़ारों के लिए लंबे अनुभव और वर्षों के कठिन प्रयासों के बाद हम कल्याण मटका से मुंबई मटका तक मुफ़्त आजीवन चार्ट प्रदान करते हैं। कल्याण सट्टा मटका से मुंबई सट्टा मटका तक दिनांक के नीचे दिए गए इस संख्या का पालन करें और खेल रोकें जहां जीत हो जाती है हमारे लाखों ग्राहक हैं, जो इस चार्ट में दिए गए दिशानिर्देशों का पालन करके इस गेम में सफल रहे हैं।

1 0-1-2-3
2 8-9-0-1
3 2-3-4-5
4 6-7-8-9
5 4-5-6-7
6 0-1-2-3
7 8-9-0-1
8 2-3-4-5
9 6-7-8-9
10 4-5-6-7
11 0-1-2-3
12 8-9-0-1
13 2-3-4-5
14 6-7-8-9
15 4-5-6-7
16 0-1-2-3
17 8-9-0-1
18 2-3-4-5
19 6-7-8-9
20 4-5-6-7
21 0-1-2-3
22 8-9-0-1
23 2-3-4-5
24 6-7-8-9
25 4-5-6-7
26 0-1-2-3
27 8-9-0-1
28 2-3-4-5
29 6-7-8-9
30 4-5-6-7
31 0-1-2-3
स्पेशल पॉवरफुल चान्स कल्याण और मेन मुंबई बाजार मे जोडी पत्ती और खुले आंकड़े उपलब्ध है खेल

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☛ 1-2-7

☛ 380-290-390-480-340-359

☛ 11-16-22-27-77-72
Parel Day

147 -27- 340

Milan Day

348 -50- 280


220 -43- 580

Parel Night

450 -94- 266

Milan Night

166 -33- 580

Main Mumbai

112 -40- 226