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Note:- If you dont accept terms & conditions then you may leave our site...
The terms & conditions are as follows..

1. If your from group of Handy company or Piracy or any Government institute or
Government institute or office then this site is not for you. so you may leave this site..
2. If you are having same personal site then you are not allowed to view or access any file of our site.
3. Still if you do that then your breaking our laws as well as Internet Privacy Act signed by
Bill Clinton in 1995.
4. IF you find any crack or pirated software or any other such illegal things here.. You cant
You cant make owners responsible as the file uploaded here are by users ..So owners do not take responsibility..
5. Even you may find some porno pics/movies. So if you are less than 18 then this site is not for you..
6. The main aim of site is bandwidth purpose.
If you don't accept above terms & conditions then leave this site & also don't register here..
And if you accept & satisfy above terms then you may continue to site..
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